Delivering performance, making an impact.

We are active owners. We work with companies to understand their material impacts. We support these companies, and engage more actively where needed, to drive transformation and financial results. The votes we cast, the campaigns we run, and the investors we bring with us drive and sustain long-term value.

Driving transformation at scale. We believe there’s incredible value to be unlocked in companies that are transforming their businesses.

Your vote, your voice – active ownership in action.

Our focus is to create value by helping companies transform their businesses to be sustainable—and voting is a key lever with which we push for best corporate governance practices, advocating for transparency at the economy’s largest companies.
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We reenergized ExxonMobil.

A year since our successful campaign to elect three new independent directors to the Company’s Board, we reflect on the Company’s progress to reduce its emissions footprint and to lay the foundation for a viable low-carbon business strategy.
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Engine No. 1 backs General Motors' vision to electrify the auto industry.

Engine No. 1 sees a once-in-a-century opportunity for the auto industry to transform and believes that General Motors (GM), the fifth-largest global automaker, is well positioned to lead the way.
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Driving value through active ownership

Our view is that as investors we can shift the trajectory of companies to create more value for employees, customers, communities, and the environment. By doing so, we can create more long-term value for shareholders. In our first year of operation, we put our beliefs to work. Read our Impact Report.
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