Delivering performance, making an impact.

We are active owners. We work with companies to understand their material impacts. We support these companies, and engage more actively where needed, to drive transformation and financial results. The votes we cast, the campaigns we run, and the investors we bring with us drive and sustain long-term value.


Driving transformation at scale. We believe there’s incredible value to be unlocked in companies that are transforming their businesses.

Your vote, your voice – active ownership in action.

We aim to catalyze change. Our goal is to harness the power of investors to hold companies accountable for what we stand behind—like strengthening our workforce, restoring the climate, and increasing transparency.


We’re reenergizing Exxon.

We were successful in reenergizing Exxon to enhance value for its shareholders. We will continue to drive value and a reduction in long-term carbon emissions. The campaign placed three new directors on the Exxon Board, each bringing exceptional credentials in sustainable energy development and business transformation.


Engine No. 1 backs General Motors' vision to electrify the auto industry

Engine No. 1 sees a once-in-a-century opportunity for the auto industry to transform and believes that General Motors (GM), the fifth-largest global automaker, is well positioned to lead the way.