James McErlain

Chief Technology Officer


Jimmy brings more than 15 years of experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning research, and applied mathematics to his role.

Prior to joining Engine No. 1, Jimmy was the head of Credit Suisse Labs, an AI/ML research and new-product development laboratory based in San Francisco, California, tasked with developing new methods, products, and tools that harness the power of AI. Jimmy began his career as a math and science educator working with historically marginalized youth in Oakland, California, developing and teaching the math and science curriculum at Girls Inc. After finishing his advanced studies in mathematics and algebraic geometry, Jimmy went on to build and lead Al research teams at Revolve Clothing, Apple Inc., and Credit Suisse, where he focused on 3D computer vision, robotics, remote sensing, natural language processing, and AI.

Jimmy received a BS in Neuro-Cognitive Science and Behavioral Psychology from the University of Maryland College Park and an MA from San Francisco State University in Algebraic Geometry and Category Theory.

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