Christopher James

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Christopher James Founder & Executive Chairman

Chris founded Engine No. 1 based on his vision that the macroeconomic trends of deglobalization and decarbonization, accelerated by the extraordinary pace of innovation, will fundamentally reshape the world. As the CIO of Engine No. 1, Chris identifies the investment opportunities within these large-scale transformational trends, with a particular focus on solving the inherent problems in them.

Chris has more than 30 years of experience investing in and building businesses across industries in transition. Prior to the launch of Engine No. 1, Chris founded Partner Fund Management, originally part of Andor Capital Management which he co-founded. Before that, he served as a member of the Management Committee of Pequot Capital Management. Chris has founded multiple companies based in the natural resources industry, including White Oak Resources, Pin Oak Mt. Airy, Pin Oak Corpus Christi (co-founded) and Greenfield Holdings.

Chris received a BA in Economics from Tulane University, where he also chaired the Investment Committee during his 12-year tenure on the board. Chris is a founding board member of Tipping Point Community, an organization that fights poverty in the Bay Area.