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It’s time to Reenergize Exxon

It’s time to Reenergize Exxon

No public company in the history of oil and gas has been more influential than ExxonMobil, and yet the Company has failed to evolve with the industry’s transition, resulting in significant underperformance to the detriment of shareholders.

The energy industry and the world are changing. To protect and enhance value for shareholders, we believe ExxonMobil must change as well. We believe that for ExxonMobil to avoid the fate of other once-iconic American companies, it must better position itself for long-term, sustainable value creation.

Learn more about Engine No. 1’s engagement efforts to Reenergize Exxon.

“There is a compelling thesis today for a convergence of traditional investor activists and climate-aware investors…and Exxon is the clearest case even within oil and gas sector for a new kind of campaign.”

“Exxon Mobil Corp. is facing the threat of a proxy fight from a newcomer activist investor with a sustainability bent that wants the beleaguered energy giant to act faster to remake itself.”

“A new investment firm is taking aim at one of corporate America’s most iconic brands, pressing energy giant Exxon Mobil Corp to overhaul itself by focusing more on clean energy to improve its financial performance.”

“Exxon Mobil Corp. is being threatened with what would be a rare proxy contest, led by an activist investor who’s critical of the oil giant’s recent performance and wants it to diversify its business and align executive pay with shareholders’ interests.”