We are an
investment firm
purpose-built to create
long-term value


and bring common sense back to capitalism.

We believe a company’s performance is greatly enhanced by the investments it makes in its employees, customers, communities, and the environment. Our focus is to create value by helping companies transform their businesses to be more sustainable—a sustainable business generates profits greater than its cost of capital after internalizing all externalities.TM

Harnessing the
power of investors.

Over time the interests of Main Street and Wall Street align, and we can engage as active owners to drive this alignment.


How we think.

Our Total Value Framework, and how we use relevant sustainability data to drive long-term economic value, sets us apart from other investors. We believe in bringing common sense back to capitalism and harnessing data to drive performance. Data is becoming more and more transparent – and we are at the front of the wave.


Delivering performance, making an impact.

We are active owners. We work with companies to understand their material impacts. We support these companies, and engage more actively where needed, to drive transformation and financial results. The votes we cast, the campaigns we run, and the investors we bring with us drive and sustain long-term value.